You must accept these Terms

You must accept these Terms

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If you don't accept them, get out of here.

Diva.City does not control the purchases, sales, exchanges, agreements or other similar relationships between our users, so we offer no guarantee when it comes to these things.

If you want to buy, sell or exchange something with another person through this website, you and the other person are solely responsible for those negotiations and must establish their own conditions without involving Diva.City in this, as we function only as a way of communication like other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. We don't even charge for the “My Store” service!

In summary: what you buy, sell, exchange, give and what you receive paying or without paying, through this website, is your problem only and exclusively and we do not offer any type of guarantees. Talk to the supplier, seller, model, company, etc., and solve everything between you without involving Diva.City or its administrators.

Warning: we do not place the links of the products or services of the users and we cannot review all the links directed to destinations outside this website, so it is recommended to be careful when clicking on them and have an efficient antivirus to navigate in Internet. To help you, we show the complete URLs of the links placed by users. If you don't know what a link or URL is, you're wasting your time here and you're taking risks because you don't know anything about the Internet. In this case, we recommend you get out of here and learn to use the Internet a little more before using our platform.

And remember that to use this website you must accept these others conditions.