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5000$ IN PRIZES!

Participate easily

Participate easily

Until 01/15/2020 | 15 to 72 years

Until 01/15/2020 | 15 to 72 years

Win 100% free your professional photo book, premium account, smart business card, agency contract, participate in the fashion show, workshop and in the magazine that reaches almost a million people! Very easy and fast!


1st place: everything above for 3 girls.
2nd place: all without event or workshop. 10 girls.
3rd place: same as 2nd but without the book. 20 girls.


First sign in

  1. On Instagram, post a video explaining these benefits. with your words. Or if you prefer, post a screenshot of your cover and explain it in the description.
  2. In the description add and share that publication in your story daily.
  3. Tag 50 pretty girls in the comments, at least 10 of this list, from your country
  4. Take a screenshots of everything because if you are chosen, you will need them.

Tip: more chances

Use video, get many visualizations, likes and comments.

If you win, we'll call you! Invite friends because we will cancel the contest if there are few participants.

Legal terms

  1. We will deliver the prizes only if there is a minimum of 1000 contestants. Invite friends down.
  2. We will choose the winners in total confidentiality and based solely on our criteria.
  3. Concurring does not give you the right to demand anything and if we select you we will give you the prize that we consider appropriate.
  4. We reserve the right to deny information on matters related to the contest.
  5. If you are not awarded, you will not demand information or compensation of any kind and you will not make any comments or publications that harm our good image.
  6. Your video or anything you do related to the contest is not a work, nothing will be considered as a job. It is simply something to have fun where you can receive prizes if you are lucky enough to be chosen by us.
  7. If you participate you agree not to publish any content that is illegal and you are declaring that you are of legal age or that your legal representatives allow you to compete and know everything you do related to the contest.
  8. To stop competing just remove your video.
  9. The contest starts on 11/10/2019 and ends on 01/15/2020, but we can modify the end date without giving notice.
  10. "5000$ in prizes!" means on this page and everything related to the contest: prizes distributed among the winners, whose values are approximately US$5000 in total, according to our calculations and prices.
  11. Donations and payments related to the contest are not returned for any reason. It is considered a voluntary payment for using our website without guarantee of satisfaction. Once you use it, you have already consumed the service and we will not refund your money, regardless of your arguments.
  12. We can suspend the contest at any time without requiring any cause, explanation, compensation or reimbursement for participants, not even for those who have made a donation, because the contest is an attempt to join forces and support 33 models per year, but if on the way we consider it impossible to continue due to lack of support, because there are few donations, due to legal problems or any other logical cause for the organizers, then we can suspend the contest without refunds or compensation for anyone. The contest is a risk that we all take together and where no one is considered guilty for damages or losses arising from the suspension or modification of the contest in any of its aspects if this has been decided by the organizers.
  13. Donations and payments related to the contest, place you among our first options to reward, but do not guarantee any prize and do not give you any additional rights.
  14. Diva.City and all its services, such as this contest, are governed by the legislation of the United States of America, as our servers are located in this country. By using Diva.City, you access the American digital space and any problem must be resolved in the courts of this country, not your country of origin.
  15. The winners are called by Instagram and we can publish them, but we are not required to publish this information.


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