For Models

Formalize your participation

For Models

Formalize your participation

We represent you as your agency, without monthly payments or registration and we give you your professional model page, all this is 100% free because if we get contracts for you, we also win. Optionally, we have other services, such as photography, magazine and training, but it is not mandatory. You can see them here.

How does it work?

If we get a contract for you, our commission is 34%

  1. Request the contract: the enrollment and contract are free. You only give five dollars (US$5) to process your contract.
  2. Sign the contract: Wait 72 hours, log in and you will see the "Sign Contract" button.
  3. Renew the contract: lasts one year.

What are divas?

They are intelligent models, misses and influencers that stand out from the rest when they use our technological tools to be successful in the art industry, faster, easier and more powerfully.

Check our quality

  • Visual quality [see]
  • Quality of events [see]
  • Quality of courses [see]
  • Quality of the magazine [see]
  • Photographic quality [see]
  • Technological quality [see]
  • Instagram [see]
  • Registered people [see]

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First sign in

Conditions to request the contract.

Understand the contract

  1. The contract formalizes and protects the commitment between the model and the agency. This does not force you to take photos that harm you or indecent photos.
  2. TThe contract conditions, but does not harm, because the conditions are to optimize teamwork without any of the parties being cheated, deceived or deceived. For example, the model can participate in activities with other agencies and companies, but you will have to do it in a way that does not contradict Diva.City interests.
  3. The contract lasts one year and to be finalized before, both parties must agree. Otherwise, the party that unilaterally ends the contract, will have to pay a fine to the other party.

Accept the risk

  1. We do not disclose the contract before being sent to minimize the theft of intellectual property and hinder actions with destructive intentions.
  2. We do not discuss whether it is fair or unfair to pay the 5 dollars for the delivery of the contract before it is read, it is simply our condition. You are free to accept or not.
  3. The contract is a risk for the agency and for the model in the same way. The model places confidence in the agency and is in the model, but the agency has a greater risk because from the beginning it invests in the model by publishing it free on its website, or when it allows the model to enter its network of connected agencies and participate of your activities such as magazines, events, contacting friendly companies, etc.

Accept and pay

American Dollar
Brazilian Real
Mexican Peso
New Zealand Dollar
Canadian Dollar
Russian Ruble
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