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How does it benefit me?

Maybe you are a pretty young girl or the mother of a pretty young girl, then remember this: many beautiful women end up failing, millions of teenagers fall astray and with a life far from their dreams, just for not knowing some things, for not taking a few minutes to learn, so the first thing we do is discover how to use your potential to be a model and live on this, because the goal is to be a winner, an example and guide for others, that is, to be a true model Who works and lives as a model. True?

Being a super model can take years but being an outstanding model in your city or country is something you can achieve in a few months if you do it right. For example, in three months you can already be working, parading, photographing and earning money to start your career as a model. Why couldn't you if you are beautiful, if you are well oriented and if we teach you how to overcome the different obstacles? What prevents you from achieving it and being who you want to be if we help you?

Yes, some things complicate the plans but for that we work as a team, nobody achieves everything in solitude, then stay here and continue reading for you to understand.

Is it really possible?

A model and our friend, Fabiana, is a good example because she did not have much money, when she was 20 she had not yet entered university, she had a normal intelligence like any girl but she had something different: she wanted to be a model and travel to any price. That was her life and she was totally determined to do everything that was necessary. There was no second or third plan. Failure was not an option in her head because she loved to be photographed, watched television and knew that her place was not on the sofa in her house, she knew that her place was there in front of the cameras, in front of millions of people in television. His problem was simply money, time, knowledge and the lies of so many agencies. That difficulty was so clear that we even gave the name of the "Dream killer" to all four things (lack of money, time, knowledge and many lies). At that time we lived in the city of Mérida, Venezuela and the political situation of the country even worse that Dream killer. We did not have access even to dollars. Imagine that! But we don't give up. She and Tony, who was her manager who everyone called “Diablo”, founder of Divacity (see Tony's info), went to competitions, did a lot of photographic production, fashion events, made societies and applied all kinds of strategies for her to fulfill his model dream and he can be an important artistic producer. The result after several years of constancy is that she is currently a model and television presenter in the United States and he is an artistic producer worldwide from Brazil through his technology platform, Divacity.

Calm down, you don't have to go through all that because we already have it and you don't have to suffer all our difficulties and stumbles because we are going to show you how everything works, what you owe and what you should never do. You will follow the direct path and save mountains of money, unless you make the mistake of believing that you already know it, close this page and in the end that mistake costs you a lot of money plus years of your life. You came here for something, right? First you have to learn step by step and thus reach the goal following a good path.

What should i know?

A model is primarily an artist. As art is the highest step of human knowledge to contain all other knowledge, successful artists are influential, rich and many are millionaires. Therefore, only a professional artist (see Tony's biography) can train models deeply from scratch. Yes, it is true, there are models that became famous without much protocol but they were very lucky and you do not want to play lottery, you want something safe.

You need something that increases your chances, you need something that gives you advantages over the competition, without so much risk of error, without wasting your time. Therefore, although nothing in life is safe, we will use all our knowledge to maximize your chances.

So before thinking about photos and parades, open you to the secrets you need to flourish.

What you can learn in our face-to-face workshops or online, is really wonderful, deep and powerful. It puts you well above your competition and makes you a competent model with what is necessary to arouse amazement.

A free help for you

We will give you the first help totally free in case you do not have the resources to participate in the advanced activities. This little help does not do everything a full Workshop does, nor does it do the same as a photo shoot with coffee and a personal conversation. This gift is something simpler but it can clarify many doubts and be your friend and imaginary defender in case you are forced to walk alone on this path. Just put the email where you would like to receive all the free helps that we will create and with much love we will send them to you. We are together now.


How can I start?

The Model Kit is a combination of tools, functions and services essential for your goal: to be a prominent model in a few months.

There are three Kits for three types of models: beginners, intermediate and experts.

If you are starting, use the “Kit Diva”.

If you have already taken a model course, if you have already participated in important events, if you already have a professional book and only need help to promote yourself and plan a good book, use the “Kit Full”.

If you are a professional model, if you already have a contract with another agency and what interests you is a lot of promotion and a very powerful model web page that gives you more strength on the Internet, then use the “Kit Mini”.

Do not complicate yourself trying to understand the logic of these combinations because you are not a manager, your part is to be a model. Just do your part which is to take the step and we will do ours which is to give you the methodology and teach you how to use it.

How do I know it works?

Can this happen by chance?

Tony selected models for Elite, the largest agency in the world.

Tony has contributed many years in the misses elections for Miss Venezuela, the most important beauty event in the world, even more important than the Miss Universe, this being the biggest event technically.

Tony was a special guest of Miss Brazil.

Tony has been sworn in the competitions of IMEI, the famous Misses clinic.

Many friends of Tony today live in the United States and are successful artists.

Tony was called by Levi’s, to celebrate the anniversary of the famous Levi’s Strauss 501, American international brand.

Tony owns the world's most advanced model platform, Divacity.

Do you think it will be difficult for him to tell you how you are going to work and be a good model? He will help you solve your case quickly.

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Your new year present!

Premium Free!

Valid until 01/15/2020

With your Premium Account, you can upload more photos, we highlight you more in our lists of recommended models and you can use the ZUREBOOK button that automatically sends your photos to hundreds of international agencies and if that were not enough, we give you the Certified Account Mark, which raise your status a lot! We will give you this present if you buy any of the Kits

Kit Mini

Save US$3

  • Your Premium Model Page (US$5)
  • 1 Month in Magazine (US$15)
Real value: US$20 | Using the Kit: US$17

Kit Full

Save US$5

Real value: US$35 | Using the Kit: US$30

Kit Diva

Save US$10

Real value: US$45 | Using the Kit: US$35


  1. The payment is valid only for the contest of the month in which it was made.
  2. Those responsible for the contest, reserve the right to hide the selection process and results, being able to come into direct contact and only with the winners.
  3. When paying accept that you are paying to compete, not to receive any service, and accept that this payment does not guarantee any rights for you, and accept that the responsible for the contest do not acquire any commitment with you and that although the contest is judged negatively by any person or entity, you will not be entitled to any type of claim.
  4. Those responsible for the contest, only undertake to deliver the benefits through the Internet, but if they wish and if the winner can go to them, they can do it personally.
  5. We do not return money for any reason. Not even causes of force majeure.
  6. By participating in the contest, you accept the Terms of Use of this website.


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